We are very grateful to all the people who have rode with us, and then have taken the time to review their experience. We love what we do, and the opportunities we have to educate people about the Amish. Our expectation is to be the highlight of your visit to the Amish Country!
Below are just some of the reviews we have received from people who have gone on one of our buggy rides!

Sveinn H from Reykjavík, Gullbringusysla, Icelan
We had driven all around, read a bunch of stuff and walked a little bit around the country site but we really didn't get to know the Amish until we did this tour. The tour guides are Amish so the experience is so unique and real. You get to know them so well, even just doing the 35 minute tour. We brought our 1 year old son with us and it was great!
Reviewed June 17, 2017

Of all the events we did this is the one that my family and I enjoyed the most. Our driver was a pleasure to talk to. He was especially kind. He allowed the little ones to sit up f...MORE
Reviewed June 12, 2017

Mike C, Eldersburg, Maryland
"Way Better Than We Expected"
Reviewed June 4, 2017

Dawn Rucci Brady 
Just had the most enjoyable tour with FINN the horse. And our tour guide a young lady with red hair. Tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. She answered all of questions. Would definitely recommend. Thank you
Reviewed April 29

Stephanie Whitlock 
We had a very nice, relaxing ride!!! I've been in many buggy rides but this one was 55 mins and the back Country was beautiful. Went through a Covered Bridge and stopped at an Amish Baked Goods stand. Definitely recommended
Reviewed April 23

Rick Morris reviewed 
We had a nice tour guide, my grandson really enjoyed the experience and the rest of the family did also.
April 21 ·